Frequently Asked Questions

IMG_4683 (1)Do you have a farm?

Not yet! While we hope to someday have a little land to call our own (picture rows of ripe vegetables, a chicken coop, and a big red barn), right now we work and worship at some of the many wonderful small farms around Austin. They lend us their space for a few hours and we bring a team of volunteers (kids, too!) who weed beds, plant seeds, harvest produce, and do whatever else is helpful for our partner farms. We think it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Who can come to Farm Church?

Everyone is welcome at Farm Church! As you can see, Farm Church isn’t like your typical church with a sanctuary, altar, pews, and piano. The land is our sanctuary and our altar might be a folding table or a stack of milk-crates. We sit on stools and camp chairs, and we make music with the best instrument God gave us–our voices. If that sounds good to you, then you’d probably like hanging out with us. We welcome young and old, and everything in between. Families with kids of all ages are encouraged to participate and there is a job on the farm no matter how young or old you may be. We are an LGBTQ inclusive community, and though we are affiliated with the Episcopal church, there is no religious or denominational requirement to join us on the farm.

What kind of worship do you do?

When we worship on the farm we sing songs that draw our hearts and minds to God; we read the story of Jesus and of our spiritual ancestors in the Bible; we pray for each other, our community, and the world; and we celebrate the Lord’s Supper by blessing bread and wine which we share in remembrance of God’s love for us given through Jesus Christ. If you want to get technical, our liturgical resources come from the Episcopal tradition, but no familiarity with those is necessary for full participation in our worship.

What kind of work do you do on the farm?

We do whatever our host farm needs us to do. We try to be the best caretakers of the land that we can be, honoring the belief that all things come from God. We might pull weeds, plant seeds or starts, till patches of soil, move compost, distribute mulch, or any number of tasks that all our host farms to grow food for the people they serve. Most of the time we don’t know what needs to be done until we get there, but we always leave with dirt under our fingernails, a full belly, and new connections made with the land, with God, and with each other.

What should I wear/bring/know?

No prior experience with gardening or farm work is required. Everything you need to know can be taught when you arrive. Since we will be working–either on the farm, or preparing the meal–you’ll want to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. We highly recommend wearing pants, and close-toed shoes are strongly encouraged as there are lots of biting things around Austin.  We are committed to limiting our waste, so please bring a water bottle to refill, and if possible, your own plates and utensils for our meal.

What does Farm Church need from me?

  • Bug spray & sun screen
  • Water containers, reusable cups, and cloth napkins
  • Cash cards to Trader Joe’s or Costco for purchasing our meals
  • First aid kit
  • Musicians – guitar, banjo, ukulele, flute
  • Cash donations
  • A farm!
  • Your prayers, your presence, your participation