Farm Church is this Saturday (and every first Saturday of the month)!

Where I grew up, in Salt Lake City, UT, you the rule of thumb for planting tomato starts was that you had to wait until Mother’s Day. Even then, an occasional late-May snow storm would blow through the valley and freeze their tender little leaves. It was always a gamble.

And with such a late planting, you weren’t guaranteed fruit until late summer, sometimes not until the end of July! Every summer, my mom and dad, who were not otherwise inclined to plant anything, would each plant some kind of tomato plant–Romas, Sweet 100s, Best Boys–with a little competition to see whose plant would produce the healthiest crop with the most fruit. I think the loser had to wash the dishes for a week. It was something we looked forward to every year, almost as much as the garden-fresh, juicy tomatoes we would eat with every meal for weeks.

That was a long way of saying that this Saturday, March 3, is our next Farm Church gathering, and we will be planting tomatoes!! Can you believe that?!?! Planting tomato starts in March!!! They will be ready starting mid-May, about the time my parents will be planting theirs.

Join us in our garden, 2200 Justin Ln, at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, starting at 10:30am. We’ll be planting tomatoes, checking in on our current crop of potatoes and cabbage, and doing some general garden maintenance, along with singing, praying, and sharing a meal with each other. We have some activities planned for our youngest members, and will follow our ordinary routine of ora et labora where our work is our prayer and our prayer is our work. I hope you’ll join us! If you have any questions about what to expect, check out our FAQ page, or contact me, at, or Greg, at

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