Join us in June for a Mindful Eating class

    • “Food plays a special place in our relationships. We go out to eat to celebrate, we gather with friends and colleagues for a meal to talk and catch up, we prepare special food to share life’s transitions with our friends and family. In fact, the word companion means “with bread.” Our Gospels are full of stories of Jesus sharing meals. Christians gather around the communion table to remind themselves of the last meal Jesus’ shared with his disciples. Your relationship with food is an essential part of your everyday life. Few things affect our long-term well-being more than our daily food choices.” (

Mindful Eating Guide

    • , Living Compass Faith and Wellness Ministry, 2015)

For four weeks in June, starting on Wednesday the 7th, we will be meeting at Central Market (on North Lamar) from 7-8pm to explore how we might be more mindful of our meeting.  We will discuss our spiritual connections to food, as well as how food connects us to God and to each other.

The mission of Farm Church is to “be a faithful community connecting people to God, food, and the land,” so this is a great opportunity to do just that.  Our sessions will be led by Brin Bon, of Farm Church and St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, and Christian Hawley, of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church.  Got questions?  Want to reserve your spot?  Contact Brin at